Arts Commission Poster Series brings the Summer of Love to Market Street
By Jason Herrington

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Last year the San Francisco Arts Commission engaged three artists to create new works of art that examine the 1967 Summer of Love. The resulting new works will be displayed throughout 2017 as part of the popular Art of Market Street Poster Series. The first in the series, The Zeitgeist by Deborah Aschheim, features highly detailed pen and ink drawings of the people and events that defined 1967.

The Zeitgeist is viewable in the Muni bus kiosks along Market Street between the Embarcadero and Eighth Street through May 12. Subsequent series will feature new work by Sarah Hotchkiss who will examine the “diverse Bay Area political, cultural and social scenes of 1967” through local mainstream and underground media and by Kate Haug, who has designed Summer of Love trading cards featuring an array of iconic personalities.

Read more about The Zeitgeist on SFGate.




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