Ben Falk:

#Onthisday In 1967, The Words “Summer Of Love” Were First Used In The San Francisco Chronicle

April 5, 2017  •  California Historical Society

On this day 50 years ago, the words “Summer of Love” first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle carrying the term into the “mainstream media” in San Francisco and around the country. The article focused on a press conference held the previous day by a group of young people calling themselves the “Council for the Summer of Love” to help plan for the thousands of young people that were arriving in San Francisco each day during the spring of 1967. Learn More →

My memory of the Human Be-In

January 14, 2017  •  Eric Christensen

The Human Be-In was a celebration of a new culture, a culture that would attract thousands of young people to the streets of San Francisco and user in the Summer of Love. Allen Cohen, the publisher of the “Oracle” who helped produce the Human Be-In summed it up best when a year before he died in 2004 told me, “For me, what happened in the Haight Ashbury is still going on around the world.” Learn More →

Combustible Elements

January 14, 2017  •  Steve Rees

In one place, on one day, those who were saying “no” to the war and those who were saying “yes” to the music, danced together, dropped acid, chanted, danced, and listened. Learn More →

50 Years Ago: Counterculture Riots on the Sunset Strip

December 21, 2016  •  Shelly Kale

At over 1.5 miles long, the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is a landscape of billboards, shops, boutiques, and trendy restaurants, bars and clubs. And so, it seems, it’s always been. But look back fifty years to 1966 and you will see that the Strip was a hub for the counterculture movement that captivated America’s youth and transformed a society. Learn More →