What have the Hippies Contributed to the US Economy?

October 5, 2017  •  Michael Klassen

The Haight-Ashbury hippie movement was the most financially lucrative social movement in American history.

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Take a trip and trip out to ‘William Blake and the Age of Aquarius’

October 4, 2017  •  Jason Foumberg, Chicago Reader

How did the long-dead poet, known for his Biblical illustrations and a poem about a tiger, become the prophet of a cultural revolution more than 100 years after his death?

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Summer of Love language: Still compelling after all these years

October 4, 2017  •  GEOFF NUNBERG, NPR

The scene couldn’t have lasted. It was a fleeting eye of calm in a period that Todd Gitlin once described as “a cyclone in a wind tunnel.”

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Summer of Love, Summer of War

October 1, 2017  •  David Thomson, Journal of Alta California

The best and worst of the ‘60s intersect in 1967’s ‘Monterey Pop’ and a new Vietnam documentary

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