Human Be In 2017 – Thoughts from Ann Cohen
By Ann Cohen

The gathering of the Tribes is a great success and we are just at the beginning of 2017.

The day started with sunshine after so many predictions of heavy rainfall.

I met up with the Merry Pranksters on Haight Street and drove out to the Polo Fields at noon, where our Tribe started to gather honoring January 14th, 1967.

Ann Cohen, 1/14/2017

We read poetry sang played various instruments including a trombone. We gathered in a circle each of us sharing. We spoke of peace, honoring each other. We spoke parallel to what Allen Cohen spoke via satellite in 2003 to Tokyo Japan’s Be-In:

I extend my hand and heart to a new generation of

brothers and sisters across the Pacific.

We face the necessity in this decade of uniting

to overcome the old oil and nuclear regime

that is choking the throat of the subtle beauty of the world.

We need a worldwide movement to bring us

to a non-polluting alternative energy future

based on the awareness of all beings intertwined

in the alive wholeness of our planetary unity.

We must reach out to all the people of all

religions and races and exclude intolerance

and hatred from our social evolution.

The future of life on this planet depends

On a World At Peace – a world

that is capable of creative vision and

international economic and social equality.

Rise up, brothers and sisters we are

At the beginning of a great and necessary adventure

– Allen Cohen 2000

From the San Francisco Oracle, #5. Courtesy of Ann Cohen
From the San Francisco Oracle, #5. Courtesy of Ann Cohen


Ann Cohen is an artist and activist. She is the the former wife of Allen Cohen, one of the organizers of the Human Be-In. Allen Cohen died in 2004.


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