Summer of Unconditional Love
By Evan Hirsch


S.O.U.L. was inspired by the passions ignited during Bernie’s presidential campaign. Although we were inspired by his platform of equality, fairness, and an opposition to what corporate America and the pursuit of profit was doing to us and the planet, we had the epiphany that “fighting against what is” did not feel like spreading more LOVE in the world. So we decided to focus our energies on sharing new discoveries of what a more harmonious and loving world filled with solutions for thriving and sustainability might look like. And then we discovered our uncanny timing with the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love…

In 1967, 30 people collaborated to draft a formal proclamation and invitation to A Summer of Love in San Francisco. Half a century since that magical summer happened, S.O.U.L. revisits some of the key ideals that caused such monumental social response and change. Has the fact that we were made more aware of how our society impacts us, our loved ones, and the planet we live on set us up to correct what seems like a crash course set in motion long ago? Did Timothy Leary’s adage from the Human Be-in in 1967, “turn on, tune in, and drop out” provide more wisdom than it was given credit?

San Francisco, where the legendary happenings took place, will be the epicenter of a major scale commemoration throughout 2017, and S.O.U.L. will be the exclusive media outlet dedicated to covering all aspects of the year in reflection and celebration. Galleries and museums will have memorabilia of many types on display, musicians will play familiar tunes to rock and shake concert goers, and the city will have a colorful, psychedelic vibe sprinkled all over. But beyond all the aesthetic trimmings representative of that era, we seek to inspire a re-invigoration of some of the core ideals that were embraced by the young people who started the Love Movement in the 60’s. And as the commemorative year winds down, S.O.U.L. plans to emerge as the new force in positive and solutions based broadcasting, as we remain intact with Summer of Love right there in our name and image.

We will explore solutions for sustainable and healthy food production, water and land restoration, renewable energy, the miracle of the cannabis plant, new perspectives on the story of life, and opportunities to get off the couch and get involved in co-creating the world we want to live in.

And at S.O.U.L., we always love to wrap with a hug.

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