Human Be-In:

Watch the 50th Anniversary of the Human Be-In

January 18, 2017  •  Jason Herrington

On Saturday, January 14, 2017 500 attendees of all ages honored the legacy of the Human Be-In as well as showcasing today’s evolutionary culture and its rededication to the 60s values of Peace, Love, Community and Activism. Produced by Unity Foundation and the Digital Be-In. Learn More →

Human Beings, Being Together

January 14, 2017  •  Nicole Meldahl and Arnold Woods

Fifty years ago today, thousands gathered at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park for the Human Be-In–a happening that launched California counterculture on its path towards the Summer of Love. Organized by San Francisco Oracle co-founders Allen Cohen and Michael Bowen, the event was intended to gather diverse “tribes” from within the San Francisco Bay Area’s counterculture community, but it also caught the attention of curious (straight) locals, who brought their kids to see the fuss, and far-flung travelers. Learn More →