Summer of Love or Summer of Resistance?

May 14, 2017  •  Lincoln Cushing

The dominant narrative about celebrating 1967 focuses on the Summer of Love. Far out.

But at least two weaknesses deflate this homage.

These are 1967 posters you won’t see at the DeYoung exhibition. True, it was the fantastic rock art that began the poster renaissance of the 1960s. But what people forget is that the withering of the long cold arm of anticommunism that squelched protest posters for 20 years (not one was evident during the 1964 Free Speech Movement) also freed social justice art. Learn More →

The Vietnam Summer …of Love

April 14, 2017  •  Clara Bingham

In the summer of 1967, the perfect storm of the Sixties revolution was beginning to rumble. The escalation of the Vietnam War and the resistance to the draft, combined with the black power movement and the psychedelic-fueled counterculture, would soon cause a nation-wide spontaneous combustion. Learn More →

The Long Hot Summer, the Vietnam Summer, the Summer of Love

March 5, 2017  •  Seth Rosenfeld

The hottest topic in Ronald Reagan’s 1966 campaign for governor was the seemingly endless outpour of rallies, marches and protests at the University of California’s Berkeley campus, and on taking office in January 1967 after a landslide victory that left the state’s Democratic Party in shambles he moved swiftly to end them. Learn More →